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 II. Site Plot

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PostSubject: II. Site Plot   Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:13 am

I. Libre-Unis Galaxy

    The Libre-Unis Galaxy is the galaxy in which Cesto resides in. Many people wonder what lies beyone Libre-Unis...

II. Cesto

    Cesto is the planet in which everyone resides on. Cesto is the magical equivilant to earth. It's atmosphere composition is almost equivalent to earth, except for the fact that it has ethereal energy in the form of a gas in it which gives the people of Cesto supernatural powers.

III. History

    The Libre-Unis Galaxy is very, very far away. Not in a trillions of years can you reach it from the furthest edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Libre-Unis Galaxy was made exactly a century after the sun swallowed up Earth, and all life forms on Earth were killed. A century after Libre-Unis was formed, Cesto was created by Stvar, the god of creation. Stvar also created people whom he called Cestonians. They resemble the people of Earth, but are known to possess abilities Earth humans could never have. Cestonians is a very broad term to describe the people of Cesto, for the people on Cesto have developed 4 countries so far. These countries stretch out all across the only continent the people of Cesto have discovered. There are many more continents to discover, and even more countries to develop.

IV. Site Plot

    The two absolute monarchy countries, Discordous and Lux were at war. The two countries who remained neutral were Erini and Musik. They refused to get into any kind of conflict between Discorcous and Lux, but Erini supplied Discordous with many of their natural and manufactured resources, and Musik did the same for Lux. It was a long and bloody war. It lasted for 26 years, with numerous battles that took place. In the end, Lux prevailed and ever since, has left a bitter rivalry between the two countries. Lux is cautious towards Erini now, and Discordous is also cautious towards Musik. This role-play takes place 2 years after the war. However, not all members of their said country feels the same way as others do towards other people of a country. Despite their differences, everyone of Cesto is able to use the same skills (some better then others) and has very similar jobs. They even participate in some cool events! The only way to figure out what all of these are is to experience the world of Cesto for yourself!
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II. Site Plot
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