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 I. Site Rules

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PostSubject: I. Site Rules   Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:27 pm

I. Role-Playing

  • I. This site has a zero tolerance for god modding. This is simple knowledge. You cannot control another character's actions (unless under certain circumstances). Therefor, you cannot have a character ability that allows you to control one other's character, and any telekinesis abilities, spells, etc. does not effect any character.
  • II. Something that goes hand in hand with god modding, is meta-gaming. Meta-gaming is when you take OOC knowledge and make it IC knowledge. Meta-gaming, just as god modding, will not be tolerated.

II. Threads

  • I. Every threads must have an appropriate title. This includes threads that are not in the role-playing sections. While the thread titles may not be relevant at times, they must not contain more then 1 curse word of any language, and may not have any words that suggests inappropriate themes.
  • II. Please do not duplicate your threads. We do not want any duplicates here. Sometimes it does happen, but when it does, we would like you to delete the duplicate thread or else a staff member will. If there are posts in both duplicates, whichever duplicate has the least amount of posts will be deleted.
  • III. We would like all threads to be properly tagged. Refer to our tags guide for a list of possible tags to use when making a thread.

III. Posts

  • I. All posts must be in chronological order, meaning that if you enter a topic at one date, and enter another topic at a later date, you can't use information from the second topic you entered in the first topic you entered.
  • II. Posts in role-playing threads must have a 150 word count minimum. This allows people to have a post with substance that they can reply to.
  • III. We expect your posts to have substance. We understand that you may type up a lot of fluff when it comes to gaining a high word count, but aside from that, we do not want a whole lot of fluff in your writing. We want posts that are solid and that people can reply to without getting too lost in your writing.
  • IV. We do not want you to spam posts. For OOC topics, we don't allow you to post twice in a row. You must wait for somebody else to reply. If you're in a solo topic, you can't make another post for 30 minutes. If you're in a solo training topic, you cannot make another post for 1 hour.

IV. Chat Box

  • I. We do allow mild swearing, but don't be obsessive. If you do, you will be kicked from the chat box, and if it gets out of hand, you will be banned from the chat box.
  • The same rule that goes for post applies in the chat box. Don't spam! It really gets annoying, and it will result in a kick, and a possible ban.
  • Don't ask staff to grade your items. No matter what it is, do not ask staff in the chat box to grade whatever needs to be graded. This is what the staff center is for.

V. Avatars

  • I. The size of avatars must be 200x350 pixels. If you do not have an avatar that size and do not know how to make an avatar, you can PM me for one, or request for one in a GFX shop. Until you get an avatar, please copy and paste this into "Link to an off-site avatar": http://placehold.it/200x350
  • II. Please keep all avatars at the most, PG-13. Do not show too much skin, bust, etc.
  • III. When uploading your avatar, make sure to upload it with [url=imgur.com]imgur[/url]. Copy and paste the uploaded image link into "Link to an off-site avatar" in the avatar section of your profile.

VI. Signatures

  • I. The size of each signature must be 500x250 pixels or less.
  • II. Please keep all signatures at the most, PG-13. Do not show too much skin, bust, etc.
  • III. For words on the signatures, please do not include too many curse words.
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I. Site Rules
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